Will NASA TV cover the Event?

I am wondering if NASA TV will be carrying the coverage of the event this year like last year? I have parents and friends that would like to watch, but not sure if NASA will offer this because of the Space Shuttle launch coinciding on Friday.

Neither the championship page, the view championship live page, or the NASA page make any mention of NASA TV, but they do all have links to the webcast, which you can pass on to family and friends.


As per Bill’s Blog:

NASA will be live streaming the field action here** http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/robotics/ **](http://science.ksc.nasa.gov/robotics/)

Send this link to all…

One issue I see for telling people where to watch is the broadcast naming convention. If the links say FRC FLD #1, etc. how will you be able to tell folks at home which field you’ll be on.

I know Galileo is Stadium/Pits/Stadium, but is there a list stating which number field each division is playing on each day?

I remember Bill saying they’re working with Sargent Productions to make sure the webcast will have a label for the division, regardless of which field they’re on.