Will Smith and FIRST?

Hey guys,

I was watching the Arizona Regional today and during the finals in between matches they broadcasted a short video with Will Smith. He was talking about how cool science and technology is and how it lets him record his albums at home with his kids.

I don’t if this was made specifically for FIRST or not. Did anyone else see it? Was it actually shown at the Arizona regional?

On a related note, have there been other instances where celebreties have been involved with FIRST? Did they actually come to a regional or just endorse the program?

Mike C.

I think I may have seen this before. Maybe… My memory sucks though and I don’t know where I saw it.

They must have pulled that one out of the FIRST vault o’ videos or something cause that thing is OLD SCHOOL.

I remember seeing that when I was a freshman in high school, back in 2002 at Nationals. I thought it was hillarious then, and I think it’s even funnier now. Will Smith apparently still does music, but I haven’t heard anything from him in a while.

This was also when Mandy Moore preformed at Nationals and everyone left mid-performance.

Back in the 2002 Championships in Epcot, the same/similar video was played. It seems that perhaps this was a replaying of that older footage. (haha, Ryan and I posted this at the same time…)

On another note, there have been a few celebrities at FIRST events, though I can’t recall any at this time besides one. Football fans (especially from the Pittsburgh area) would probably be excited to here the Franko Harris has been doing some small endorsements for FIRST in Pittsburgh and appeared at a FIRST Robotics event on the CMU Campus.

Ok, so third post

If I remember correctly, it was shown at the 2002 Championship event in Disney. That was one of the ways I think FIRST was trying to integrate FIRST into the mainstream, using celebrities.

Also, that year Mandy Moore performed at national, and had probably about 400 room keys thrown to her, oddly enough, Disney keys didn’t have the room number on them:)

If anyone has a copy of the video, I would like to see it

One of our mentors says he remembers it from Nats in '02 as well.

And yes, they really did play that at the Regional. They needed a break in one of the matches.

No hotel room keys have the room number on them :slight_smile:

I like Mandy Moore and would’ve stuck around if I hadn’t already been gone by the time closing ceremonies started.

LOL. Wow I remember that very vividly. Especially watching hundreds run down to the stadium when they announced her. Boy that was a lot of fun, lol.

That video along with others was released to teams as a 2002 compilation on VHS at the end of the season. The tape they gave us also has a FIRST Corp video, a Chairman’s Award promo, and news stories from ABC, CNN, National Geographic.

Try this. It’s in Bink video format, so it’s an executable (but it’s game console ready:rolleyes: ).

Here’s a coarser res/compression in avi

they played that video at our school last year…i think to promote the new Digital Media class

Yep, I was at the Phoenix regional and they played it on the big screen. It was cool!


I didn’t see it at the Great Lakes Regional. We did however get the Governor of Michigan to come.

Think they will ever get any other big musicians to play at Nationals for us?