Will Smith??

I’m sorry, did I miss out on something or zone out when he was on stage? The same Will Smith from MIB and Fresh Prince? I’ve been hearing people talk about Will Smith and the Championship event, and even his name was mentioned at the closing ceremony. But I never made the connection, could someone clear this up for me? Did he make a special appearance somewhere and I missed it??

are you sure you aren’t thinking of the will smith video they played at some of the regionals? At SoCal, St. Louis, and i’m not sure which others they showed us a video of Will basically telling us keep up the good work, love to be there with y’all but i gotta stay home with my kids so keep up the good work and make more science and technology so it’s easier for me to work from home, etc.

They played the same video at the opening ceremonies during the first day of competition.

he was on the big screen

Yea I remember this… and he’s like, “You guys need to keep doing this so that you can make me new audio equipment so I can stay home with my kids…” Nothing special…