Will the cubes pop?

It’s probably going to be like the cargo balls from 2019. They popped pretty easily from teams driving over them and many wound up being worn like shower caps.

Our robot is going to have a spatula to pick up and score deflated cubes. :laughing: :rofl:

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Interesting to see that at game-day

That could actually be a decent idea lol. Gonna note that down on the idea board

Is it a good idea? That’s news to me, I wasn’t serious lol.

I mean, bit far fetched but it could work. Picking up a deflated cube with something like that could be easier than a suction or grabbing system. It could also potentially work for cones also. (Once again, far fetched, but its an idea)

I mean, I sat on a cube yesterday to test this, and it did just fine. We also semi-ran it over with a robot and no damage was done to either party


Big second on this. Hard to tell exactly because the 2011 manual just says “vinyl” and doesn’t specify PVC, but they feel like the same material.

Be real careful to make sure there’s nothing even relatively pointy that the cube can come in contact with or rub against, and make sure there’s no crevices it can get pinched into.



Do the people who’ve had cube problems in this thread think the difference here is the cube (manufacturing defects) or the conditions (blunt force vs something else)?

Sharp things will pop cubes. We haven’t had any manufacturing defects.

Has anyone actually had their cube pop?
I can’t tell if people in this thread have or if they are just speculating.

The people who have tested it make it look pretty durable.

Limited anecdotes at the moment. Hopefully when people start getting extras there will be more:

has anyone tried feeding the cubes through rollers really hard or poked it with something stabby? report results here please.

We’ve run our cube between two fairly fast rollers of compliant wheels with no issues. They seem to be fairly resistant to wear, as long as there are no sharp edges to puncture them.

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hrm. because of the bumpers, it shouldn’t ram anything too sharp in-game. maybe a game element could pop it or a poorly designed intake? i’m doubtful of that, though.

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I’d be very careful with sharp edges that could contact the cubes this year, for sure. I don’t think they’ll hold up to punctures well at all. The material on them seems thinner than 2019 cargo and those got punctured somewhat regularly.

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First one popped at the official Week 0. They did the electrical tape repair. We’ll see how it holds up.


Looks like Robot Inspectors were being aggressively sent towards teams after there were popped cubes in matches during week 1. Also knowing that Canadian Pacific Regional had 42 popped in a day, I wonder how FIRST is going to have enough cubes to last until Worlds.

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B.Y.O.C. :crazy_face:

CD needs a sentence.

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If we all pass along and let the next person get double, think how many cubes there will be when AM gets around to HQ.