Will the OCCRA Kit of Parts be updated?

Question and request from a now retired OCCRA coach: When will the official listing of OCCRA parts be updated?

The collection of parts in the current rules harks back to the original OCCRA days, with a very standard set of mostly donated automotive components. Which are almost completely superseded by the VEXpro, AndyMark, etc. designed-for-robotics pieces now available.

A re-thought list of standard parts would not only provide non-FRC teams a helpful reference, it would give any new-to-OCCRA a useful starting kit.


We have not actually needed to give out a Kit of Parts to a new team in a number of years, but the list is likely something that should be updated. The GDC and Oakland Schools administrators will review this in the offseason before the 2020 season to determine what should change regarding the Kit of Parts.

Thanks for the feedback!

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