Will the Ri3D Channel Still Post Other Team's Content?


Hello everyone! I just read that the Ri3D youtube channel will no longer be posting other team’s content in 2019. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

That being said, I feel that this channel is very important to the FRC/Ri3D community. The branding and viewer popularity Ri3D has gained in the past few years is phenomenal! A group of us are planning on starting an Ri3D team and would love to see the channel back up again.

I am personally willing to help or take charge of the channel so that all Ri3D teams can post their reveals once again in a consolidated location.

If that is not desired/possible, then I am willing to start a new channel dedicated to the consolidation of Ri3D content. What do you guys think?

Anyone who was involved in the channel, please PM or e-mail me.
My email is rshashankmys2@gmail.com

Sorry if I’m missing any important points about this. Please correct me if necessary!


The consolidated location will now be CD. Hopefully someone puts together a playlist of all the ri3d that build simple mechanisms that are helpful for teams learning the prototyping process

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Edit 2: which I didn’t realize is what you posted in. Yikes, this is embarrassing…


I understand, but I still think it’s important to have a consolidated showcase on youtube as well. When people think of Ri3D, they go to youtube. Its that simple.

If we all of a sudden move to CD people will be confused. I’m not saying to get rid of the CD thing, but at least for reveals and showcases I think a consolidated youtube channel would be perfect, and Ri3D already exists. I just want it to continue there as well!


I don’t think this will be as big of a deal as you think. Teams having control over their own channels will be better, in my opinion, as you’ll be able to dive deeper on a team you’re really interested in.

I’m sure someone will make a YouTube playlist, most importantly, and it will be like nothing ever changed.


Perhaps. I’m just worried about exposure. As far as I know, the Ri3D channel is the go to for Ri3D. If they stop posting, overall exposure levels will surely drop this year.

And just to clarify I have no clue what Ri3D really plans to do this year. All of this is just based on their CD post that I read.


Exposure of Ri3D teams is really up to the Ri3D teams… the good ones will get plenty of exposure. The bad ones will forget that they’re supposed to be documenting everything for the benefit of FRC teams. I think the decision by Ri3D 1.0 to be selective about the content on their Channel is smart, and will ultimately make Ri3D more useful. Plus with the creation of this sub-forum there’s really nothing to worry about. If there were anything to worry about, I feel like an established source of FRC content such as FUN or TBA would serve as a great hub for Ri3D content.


Yeah I think you’re right. The more I think about it, it starts to make more sense.


If anyone would like their content to reach a larger audience we would be delighted to host any content on FUN’s YouTube and social media pages. Please reach out to me if you are interested. We will take some of this content and feature it on our shows as well.