Will the TalonSRX firmware work with any encoder?

As stated above, can we use any encoder that is plugged into a TalonSRX via a data cable and use the TalonSRX firmware for our PID control. We have only used the mag encoders using this method before, but I noticed the CTRE library has separate methods to set the feedback device generically to a quadrature or pulse width feedback. To reiterate, is any quadrature or analog encoder compatible with the TalonSRX firmware?

Most encoders (practically all of them unless they’re special) will work. I recommend getting this:


Thanks. We were looking at that breakout board before too. Does it let us wire a limit switch and encoder at the same time to one talon?

Andymark am-3495.

Yes, on the top of the board there is an encoder breakout, on the back there is forward and reverse limit inputs

Both the CTRE and AndyMark breakouts will allow limit switches as well as the encoder. The AM breakout will actually allow you to use all four for sensory input. Though it will only run control on one of the encoder or analog at a time, either of these can be run with or without limit switches enabled.

Because of solder vs Dupont 0.1" pins, the AM are easier to get working and experiment with, but the CTRE is smaller and more robust under shock conditions. If you aren’t using the analog input, they’re functionally interchangeable.

We use a WAGO 233-510 mated with the AM-3495 for experiment and prototypes on our SoB (System on Board, pronounced like “Bob but with an S). The AM-3495 was designed specifically for this connector but any .100” connector will fit. The AM-3495 also has wire strain reliefs built in.