Will there be a 2015 FMS Lite update

It’s been over a year since an update for FMS Lite was released. With a number of offseason events approaching, I was hoping there’d be a 2015 update made available.

Does anyone have any insight on this?


It was supposed to be out a while ago, but I haven’t heard anything. https://usfirst.collab.net/sf/discussion/do/listPosts/projects.offseasonfms/discussion.offseason_fms.topc1603

It is possible to use the last competition driver station with the 2009-2014 FMS light, You need to selec “'14 FMS and '15 DS” in the options section. However the off-sesason driver station seems to brake/lose this functionality.

What problems did you see? I ran the off-season driver station and it still had the drop down. I tried the 2014 FMS lite, a LabVIEW simulated robot, and the off-season driver station and it worked.

I may have gotten confused. Now that I think about it, I was trying to get a 2014 cRIO robot to connect to the 2014 FMS light via the off-season driver station, this wouldn’t work even though the latest competition driver station worked fine.

FMS Lite has been released.


Note it is a 596 MB download.

And it has been renamed FMS Off Season.

Is it just me or does this version have a lot more features than previous years. I don’t recall previous versions having event scheduler or anything like that. I could be wrong though.