Will they re-skin Infinite Recharge?

Pretty self explanatory. Will they re-skin IR to a sports theme. It will look kinda weird to see every other program have a sports theme and then infinite recharge is the odd one out. I realize that different themes across the programs has happened before, but it is an interesting thought. Thoughts?

(Yes, I realize this is very similar to my other thread I made Will we see the first ever canceled game?)

To be totally honest, Infinite Recharge barely fit with the other games in terms of the theme you see on the field. The theme just kind of seemed to be Star Wars-looking stuff with a backstory that kind of fit with the overarching season theme.

I think it would be pretty cool if they reskinned it to fit the sport-like aesthetic of FRC games from the mid 2000s to early 2010s, though. Bonus points if they use You Too as Well in the game animation.


Hard to say if they will reskin the game. But if they don’t I wouldn’t expect to see this sports theme for 2022.

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My first thought on seeing this topic title:

I hope they re-skin the game piece.


Bring back Sandstorm and the “FIRST songs” (noooo @artdutra04 the 228 archive was deleted noooo - these classics can never be permitted to die) and the FIRST rap too. Full retro.





The 2019-2020 FIRST season had a City Building theme that Force For Change was laid over. I do t see why it would be different for the 2020-21 season.

Disagree. The FTC game was clearly Star Wars tacked on top of an existing game concept, but Infinite Recharge melded Star Wars into the game very well.

Just look at the shape of the goal, for instance:


Also, don’t forget the color wheel, which I called before kickoff, as R2D2 extends a mechanism to rotate disks as well.

Not to mention the perennial favorite: hanging.


GDC changes names of game parts,

Ports are called goals.
Generator switch becomes pull up bar.

Control Panel is replaces with something sports themed or taken away.
Power Cells are changed to something like a handball.

But idk will be interesting to see happens to IR in 2021




Wheel of misfortune? Now its called the vomit wheel

Names have been changed to protect the innocent!


No they won’t be re skinning the game imo.

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