Will this 3D printed 1/4" sprocket mount be strong enough? (Vex 217-3234)

For our robot we have an arm on a 36t #35 chain plate sprocket setup like the image below, however the 217-3234 1/4" plate sprocket mount that goes between the versablock and the plate sprocket still has not come in and is showing discontinued and out of stock everywhere.

It is too late to redesign and purchase different parts so I was looking at 3D printing the part based on the CAD model from Vex. It doesn’t look like the part is going to be too structurally significant so I think it should work, but I wanted to get other opinions on this.

Would this part be strong enough if 3D printed OR is there another option for dealing with the missing part?


Thanks for your help!

In 2019 printed a very similar part on our Markforged and it worked for a reasonably sized arm.

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Agreed with Chris, should be fine.

We’re running similar this year, but did drill and re-tap everything to be for #10-32 versus #8-32. This adds quite a bit of strength and reduces the potential torque the print is handling.

The versakeys will shear off quite easily in a printed part, so if you do need the torque transfer from there you could add some bolts/pins in that area to handle the shear.

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I completely forgot; we did the same thing after the #8’s bent. Do what Adam says. The #10’s worked fine.

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