Will this years game lack defence?

  • Yes
  • No

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I’m curious to see what teams think.


I would love to see a conversation on this also. I voted yes their will be a lack of defense. Imo teams will try, but with an open feild, and so many teams with swerve I just don’t see many robots being effective.

If a team is good enough to defend against swerve they should probably be running game pieces.

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Defense robots also have swerve.


I always see a need for defense somewhere in the game. except for 2015 type of years.



Defense doesnt mean smashing robots into a wall. Defense can be as simple as slowing your opponents down. With teams averaging 3-5 cycles, even a loss of 2 cycles due to a defense bot can seriously change the course of a match. My thought? If a exceptionally strong defense team shows up to the competitions, picking teams will be all over them as a 2nd pick, just like normal.


I guess there hasn’t been a thread titled "defense… ", but it always comes up in other threads, in particular holding on to gamepiece and drivetrains.

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I don’t see many opportunities for defense to be played. The field is wide open and there are huge protected zones which give offensive bots numerous ways to maneuver and punish defenders for attempting to play defense. It is almost impossible to significantly slow bots due to protected intaking and scoring in addition to a wide open field without choke points to significantly slow bots down. The best form of defense will likely be forcing high-speed collisions to slow down full-cycle sprints which really doesn’t have that much of an effect compared to defense in the past several seasons.


That is how I currently see the game Alex. I agree with you. I was hoping to see what others think. I am always trying to see things from a different angle in case I miss something.

I see full-speed collisions (intentional or not) being a problem, if egregious: G205 (page 56) - This isn’t Combat Robotics may come into play, especially with all the high COG robots with smaller wheelbases this year.


Same thing I see. Robots running cycles with arms out with high center of gravity is going to be a recipe for disaster.


A defensive robot driving into an offensive robot trying to cycle at full speed is very unlikely to get called for g205. It is the offensive robots that are the ones driving fast and all the defense bot needs is to be in the way to potentially cause high speed collisions.

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Hard disagree. Over the years I have seen many yellow cards handed out for teams playing “wreck them” defense. If that style happens with high COG bots (and it will, especially in the first 2 weeks until they REALLY hammer it home in the driveteam meeting) I suspect there will be many matches week 1 and 2 that end up with 2 robots tipped on the opposing alliance due to “wreck them defense”.


I wouldn’t say a lack of defense. I’d more say the lack of effective defense.


Its not the defense bots driving at high speed in these cases. If you really think bots will get carded for this (which they likely won’t), offense bots would be the ones getting carded for driving at 18+ft/s. All the defense bots need to do is be in the way to cause such collisions.

You don’t think it won’t be even a little bit tempting for a team that only has a functioning drivetrain and a low COG that wants to hit hard to line up a full speed run the other direction at a cycling robot?!? Give me a break. Let me introduce you to 2014 and 2017.


In every game where defense is legal by the time you get to the highest level the winning strategy 99% of the time is 2 offense 1 defense. This year’s game is not the 1% exception

Even last year where some districts played triple offense at their District Championships when Houston rolled around the dominant strategy was once again 2 offense 1 defense.


Just off the top of my head, I don’t recall the 2013 or 2016 world champions having a dedicated defensive bot. I also remember reading something from 254/3310 saying they regret switching from their triple offensive strategy for the Einstein finals in 2019.


There are only two sure things in life: defense, and taxes.


In Steamworks we ended up as the 6th alliance captain. We picked a gear runner who could put a few whiffle balls in the boiler in auto and climb as our first pick. We could not score whiffle balls.

Our second pick was a defensive bot who would score in auto, play D and climb. They did a fantastic job slowing down the opposition.

We won the event due to a combination of actions, but defense was a key contribution.

To me this game will play out much like Steamworks. Defense, slowing down the opponent for game pieces or charging station will be a key to winning an event.


Is this close enough? It’s been a while, but i remembered something with “we have the firepower, so why not use it?” but i cant seem to be able to find that quote. Could also be me misremembering it.