Will We Get Disqualified?

So, on the inspection checklist it says that game pieces have to be removable from the robot even when it is deactivated. Our robot has an actuator-controlled claw, as shown below:

When this claw is extended (as it is above), we would not be able to get a hatch panel off it if the robot were to suddenly deactivate. Will this mean disqualification from an inspector?

edit: not “disqualified”, but won’t pass inspection

Is it pneumatic? add a T in line with a release valve
Motor driven? replace one or two bolts with pull pins to remove one of the fingers


You should find a way to remove a game piece without power. That is a rule and you will not be able to pass inspection otherwise.

It’s still legal if you have to move the mechanism. I haven’t spent much time with linear actuators, but I find it hard to believe a legal actuator is too difficult to backdrive.

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You have to be able to remove a game piece without power, but it doesn’t have to be particularly easy to do. Are you sure you can’t just spin the lead screw by hand to slowly open it?

It almost makes me wonder what type of motors are on there… :slight_smile:

Not disqualified but might not pass the robot inspection.

Since this looks to be a DART, it would be difficult to access the lead screw to turn by hand.
I think the best solution is as mentioned by @Fields, replace the top bolts with pull pins.
There are some quick release ones that might fit your design.

Quick release pin

You will need to verify your grip length.

If these would not fit you can use a clevis pin

Clevis pins

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After a little pixel peeping, it looks like that is a Actuonix L16-140-35-6-R linear servo. The rated backdrive force is around 7 lbs, can you just pull it back out to remove a hatch?

Also, I would highly recommend not using one of those on an FRC robot… I’ve used them on FTC robots before, and they were hardly durable enough for that. With how exposed that is, it’s going to get broken off real fast in an actual event.

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Oh, great.

If it gets missed in inspection and your robot dies on the field with the game piece stuck in it, the Referees might send you back for a reinspection.

The robot rule that applies is

The game rule is

If you do get past inspection with it, you’d be liable for yellow cards which would not be fun.

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