Will we have the first ever canceled game?

So with first replaying infinite recharge next year, does this mean FIRST canceled the originally planned 2021 game? And if so will it return?

My thought is probably yes, they did scrap it and it won’t be the 2022 game. Strictly because I would think that they wouldn’t do a sports theme next year and it would be pretty difficult to skin whatever they had. (Or maybe not, just speculating)
If this game was to reappear it would probably be a few years before we’d see it. Idk, what do you guys think?

(Once again, all just complete speculation. I have no facts to back this up.)

I think they mean we pushed back FIRST Game Changers (At least for frc)

honestly I don’t think even they know what they have planned


The 2020 INFINITE RECHARGE game will be replayed for the 2021 FIRST ® GAME CHANGERS, powered by Star Wars: Force for Change, season. Over the next few months the Game Design Team will be looking at adjustments to the game, all of which you will learn about at Kickoff in 2021.

I’m pretty sure they weren’t originally planning on having the 2021 game be “GAME CHANGERS”, and what was planned will be the 2022 game. 2021’s game isn’t canceled as much as postponed, plus they said there will be some changes. That is assuming that things don’t go even more off the rails in the next year.

FRC games aren’t exactly topical, there’s really nothing year specific about a particular game so I find no reason for the GDC to completely scrap a year’s particular game. I also think you’re vastly overestimating the effort required to reskin a game. New flavor-text, new graphics, rerecord some videos; not trivial but far less work than starting from scratch. Especially if no hardware has been manufactured yet.


Might be of note that Jamee Luce (FRC Team Advocate and 2020 FIRST Robotics Competition game design lead) says that people at FIRST were already one year into working on a 2020-21 FRC game (somewhere) in this video from the RSN Spring Conferences.

I doubt they scrapped it unless the theme was so integral to the game that they can’t retheme it. Out of all the themed games, Steamworks is probably the only one that doesn’t make much sense without its theme, and even that could still fit with some themes. I could see them scrapping it if they figure out there’s some terrible issue between now and Kickoff 2022, but even if that happens, I woud expect some elements of what they planned to be reused at a later time.

Edit: I should also point out, there are some rumors that Recycle Rush was a backup game the GDC had on standby for a while and had to use in 2015. If that’s true, then we’ve already had a cancelled game, which would be the original 2015 game.

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Steam works could be re-themed I think. Airships are UFOs, fuel is, well, fuel, gears may be hard to retheme without changing the shape, but they could be generic “engine parts” and hoppers can be “fuel tanks”

Alien game 2017?

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I’d argue Deep Space and Lunacy don’t make as much sense without their themes. Though Summer Heat managed to retheme Deep Space alright. The rockets were lighthouses, cargo beachballs, and the hatch panels life preservers!

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If you take what Jamee said a few weeks ago with how much time is invested into game design, and understand how much money that development time costs, and consider the financial outlook for our world for the foreseeable future, I’m sure that as much development has been locked in for the game after infinite recharge will be retained.


There is a solid chance Infinite Recharge will be the first cancelled game (if the definition is never having a championship event).

The game that was being developed for the 2021 season is likely being used for 2022 or beyond.

I’ve heard two rumors in the past… while they may or may not be accurate, they are interesting in light of this discussion.

  • Recycle Rush was “re-themed” after a major sponor pulled out. The original theme was sponsor-driven.
  • The 2020 game was originally supposed to be something completely different, and that game was pushed back to 2021 when Disney Force for Change came on board, in favor of a game that could be better themed to match the new sponsor.

Overall, there have been very few games that were tied to a specific year. Most of them could be played in any year. Lunacy comes to mind, as happened on the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing (Luna 2, in 1959) and the 40th of the first manned moon landing. Logo Motion also comes to mind, as a celebration of the 20th year of FRC, but that one isn’t as strongly tied to a specific year.

I would ask… why throw out a game? If no one outside fo the GDC knows about it, then pushing it back shouldn’t be a problem unless there’s something about it that ties it to a specific year. And even if there is, you can probably get around that with small tweaks or rebranding.


Agreed. Probably just pushed back.

If I remember correctly, it was supposed to be sponsored by Coca-cola. The recycling totes were soda cans and the pool noddles were straws. Could be mistaken though.

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I’m going to have to agree with this. No reason HQ would want throw out a game they already have so much time and money invested in. The exception being Infinite Recharge in the event that the global outlook with regards to COVID is not strong enough to hold mass gatherings by the time the 2021 season comes around.


Please tell me the totes were supposed to be ice cubes.

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Honestly not sure. I always assumed they were suppose to be like those containers that coke is shipped in


Heck, the 2021 Olympics are supposedly going to be branded as the 2020 Olympics. I’m guessing they already made gold medals or something and are just committed. In 10 years I think we’re all going to look back at the stuff that looks weird just because of the times.

It is likely that development work on what would have been the 2021 game is affected so pushing it into 2022 gives the GDC and all their suppliers more time.

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