Will we have wifi interference from metal support?

if we move the wifi to the top left corner of the control board, then install a vertical metal support on the left metal bracket, will we have any wifi interference problems from the wifi being close to the metal?

A single piece of metal a few inches away from the radio shouldn’t make any significant difference in signal strength. You want to avoid completely surrounding the radio with metal or attaching the radio directly to metal so that it covers the internal antennas.


Many teams have attached the radio to an aluminum 2x1, presumably without issue. (see 254’s 2018 robot, it’s in the Transformers-themed enclosure near the top).

For that matter, our 2018 robot had our radio in between two large (like 30x30 inch) perforated aluminum sheets on either side of the robot (fold down ramps). If anything ought to have been a Faraday cage, it would have been that, but I don’t recall having any comms issues. I don’t recommend it, but you can get away with even some fair amounts of metal.

I’m much more concerned about the apparent mixing of mecanum wheels in the corners with higrips in the center… that appears to defeat the point of both


Actually it doesn’t really. It can–if done right–improve turning. I can’t see the rest of the drivetrain so I can’t tell if they’re all driven by one gearbox per side or not…

If they aren’t, I’d suggest swapping the middle wheel on each side for an omni.

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Sure, but the KOP turns fine as-is, and it just seems like you’re losing traction and adding failure points tbh


We had a team a few years ago who had huge ramps parallel on either side of the robot with the radio sandwiched in between. To my knowledge they never dropped comms because of it. But you could tell from the match logs when they were facing parallel to the field AP or perpendicular to it based on the dips in their signal strength.


Gyro on a budget.


This works. I think you’ll have no issues.

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