Will we see a double rocket match?

Will we see a match where an alliance completely fills both their rockets? It’s already very rare to see q single rocket filled so will this ever happen?
If so, when? Could it happen in quals? Would it happen in playoffs? What others factors could make it happen such as no defense, ignoring the cargo ship for some reason, or would it only happen if the cargo is already full.

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I’d assume it will most likely only be seen in champs.


I think we will see it at DCMP or champs.


If both rockets are full, I would hope the cargo ship is full too. No point in going high when you can get as many points low.


Even during Champs it’s gonna be hard because when an alliance has the capability to do two rockets, there’s going to be defense played against them.


I think we will see it during a practice match at champs / DCMP.


As other said, I would expect to see a few at DMCPs and CMPs. When a few true powerhouses get matches up together against some weaker teams.

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With 2 robots already showing they can preform the solo rocket it would not be surprising to see at worlds or district champs.

If its at champs, its gonna be some lucky qual or late elims so i doubt it at CMP. A much higher chance of seeing it will be at DCMP’s as Shelby said, as theres a high concentration of quality teams there. FIM, ONT, and ISR have the highest chances of pulling one off imo, but just about any of the districts could do it.

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Not in eliminations.

does not matter unless you stop using null hatch panels on the cargo ship.

the second rocket is just match points for hatches and cargo so why try unless all other possible scoring is already done?

I think that you will see a double rocket prior to DCMPs, but I don’t think you will ever see it in eliminations because of defense.

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New England? 195 is considered The Cheesy Poofs of the east and New England has as many high caliber teams as Ontario and arguably more than Israel.

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see the next part:

Indiana District, comp 3 at Center Grove. You’ll probably see a lot.

Is Indiana not known for defense? Rookie IN team here, so genuinely curious.

What makes you think this? :thinking:

While true that Indiana is not known for defense, it’s not because people are afraid to play it or they can’t do it well. Often it’s due to the depth of the competition. Defense is most effective when one can take away more points than they can earn. In the last couple of games, it’s just not been worth it when you can put up big point yourself. Even the last pick is often pretty decent.

That answers your literal question, now for the implied one. We will see teams shutting down other with defense in Indiana this year. However, competition 3 for Indiana is a very special time, because every team has played a competition. Many advance teams will see it a must to solo a rocket by themselves, as they feel it is necessary to get the ranking point. Once two of those teams meet together, they will double a rocket. Why will no one want to play defense to stop it? Because the opposing side will most likely also want to get their rank point as well, and try to out gun their opponent.
In another response below, I’ll explain some more history of why I think it will happen.

Why would we?
In Qualifications, it does not give any additional RP;
In the Finals round, there rarely will be a need to push scoring to the point of needing to fill both rockets. Teams will concentrate on filling Level 1 compartements way before they push to the top of both, or either for that matter, rockets.

In quals, most likely not until worlds, and even then there would have to be a decently stacked division and some luck to see it. In elims, it is fully possible and I predict late in the season teams will start running rocket on either side. We’ve seen from our practices alone how low cycle times can be cut down to. It’s all a matter of how much practice a team has.

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