Will we see a double rocket match?


Indiana is a very interesting district.

Some Fun Facts
Indiana has three districts and one state championship. This mean by district event three, every team has played their first competition. Below are some stats for Indiana during their third competition and states. (2018 is left out due to the nature of “cancel out” score, so it’s not a good comparison game). All are based on Quals.

Competition 3, Perry Meridian Event, Week 4:
___________________World That Week___________Indiana
Breach Rate:_____________72.89%______________87.12%
Capture Rate:____________11.63%______________43.94%

States, Kokomo Event, Week 7:
___________________World That Week___________Indiana
Breach Rate:_____________95.62%______________97.58%
Capture Rate:____________51.35%______________63.71%

States, Perry Meridian Event, Week 4:
___________________World That Week___________Indiana
KPA RP Rate:_____________1.57%______________0.00%
4 Rotor Rate:_____________3.31%______________19.59%

States, Perry Meridian Event, Week 6:
___________________World That Week___________Indiana
KPA RP Rate:______________3.49%_______________0.00%
4 Rotor Rate:_____________14.16%______________31.25%

Now, this year’s game is most similar to the 4 rotor runs of 2017. Because of this, we will see a lot of rocket scoring in Indiana. People will want to be able to solo a rocket by their second competition. Even with another robot who can solo a rocket, they will want to continue doing what they are good at during quals, and so we will see double rockets start to appear.

This is mainly due to Indiana having incredible depth. No one or two teams are always the best. It seems to bounce around between about 7-10 teams, and each year it seems another joins there ranks. Also, Indiana has incredible teamwork. Just one example is Final’s one of 2018 state, were 1720, 1741, and 5188 ran a 3 scale bot strategy, with all place on the scale at once.

The incredible teamwork, depth, and history of Indiana is why you will see double rockets at Center Grove. It’s going to be one heck of an event to Emcee, I’'m definitely pumped for it.

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Thanks for the reply. Backing up your thoughts with some actual numbers always helps, as well as providing direct examples. :slightly_smiling_face:

While I generally agree with your assessments, especially with comparing double rockets most closely to the rotors in 2017, I think there’s one key thing that’s different about this year’s game in particular compared to other years that you’re overlooking.

In 2017, as with many other years, including 2016, there were several different places to score a game piece (3 for rotors in 2017, for example). I think we will agree, it would have bene entirely unreasonable to expect a single robot to completely shutdown down rotor scoring. Even if they could have blocked 2 of the lifts in 2017, there was still a third that could have been used by their opponent. In addition, it didn’t matter where they placed the rotor, it still counted just the same.
Now, look at this year’s game. There’s only 2 possible places to score cargo for a “double rocket” match; one for each rocket. As long as a team has a reasonably effective drive train, they should be able to block that one scoring location. It’s not necessarily about robot-to-robot defense this year, as it has in years past, but rather robot-to-rocket.

All that being said, I actually wouldn’t be too terribly surprised to see it happen at the third event in Indiana. We (Indiana) have historically done very well on offense, especially looking at RP-related scoring.


And people thought this year would be Recycle Rush 2.0 smh


Compared to other regions, Indiana has been pretty weak on defense in recent years. I expect that to change this year :slight_smile:


Seeing how the game evolves so quickly after week one and how so many of the god teams haven’t even competed yet like 254,971,1678,987 etc I think seeing a double rocket could happen as early as a week three or four event


Awesome discussion, always love to hear what people have to say. I still am under the opinion that teams will try to outgun each other in quals. However, I definitely am not sure, and would really love to be proven wrong. I would love to see some smash and bash defense this year. I still remember the adrenaline rush of watching 234 clip a robot in 2017 on their way to get a new gear. Only downside, I was the pilot having to watch it happen.

Definitely hope Indiana plays some good defense this year.


330 and 973, in their last qual match at Orange County, were about 4 Cargo away from finishing both Rockets before they took off for the Hab. Not sure how many Cargo they’d planted in the Cargo Ship.


Well boys we got one after all.


And another one at Waterloo.


i think if this happens it will only happen, at IRI or playoffs at championship where there is no defense being played and its just a straight up 3v3 offensively were one robot does a rocket solo another does the cargo solo and the third does the other rocket solo. IF this happens this will likley be how


1323 had some defense in the Sacramento one and started the rocket with like 90 sec to go.


…but it already happened. Twice. Today. In week 4.

Am I missing something?


wasn’t up to date with the latest happenings where they 2 full rockets and a cargo ship?


Yes. ONT District Waterloo Event Qual 54 was a 4RP and completed double rocket match for 2056, 1241 and 4968.


But only a few pieces in the cargo ship.

To answer @sk2983 question, I’m still thinking it will happen.

Earlier this year, I would have said at FIM MSC, but after watching the defense at most of last weeks’ districts that is now unlikely. The Michigan teams have learned the nuisances of playing Deep Space. So no alliance who is experienced and good enough to get to MSC is going to let three top-tier teams on an opposing alliance free reign on their side.

But I think it will happen in a division at Worlds. I love the spectacle of worlds, but dozens of happy-to-be-there teams compete there every year. And at some point three of them will be pitted against an alliance of a super-speedy cargo and two speedy hatch-bots.

The happy-to-be-there teams will spend their 2.5 minutes scoring 4 or 5 pieces total, while the other side coordinates together to score an unimpeded ultimate unicorn.


Here’s the double rocket in Sacramento in Semi 1-1


East Kentwood, Michigan this weekend. :slight_smile: Apparently no video but here is the breakdown.


Qual 122 at New England dcmp. No video of it up yet.

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YReviving this thread, I watched 2056 and 1241 do another double rocket last week at McMaster, so 2 ONT district events that tandem pulled it off in quals when alliance partners.

Have there been more at other competitions? I would have to believe there have been. Never got time to hit the CD apis to scrape, between work and robotics :rofl:


We did one in a practice match with 179, sadly those aren’t recorded on TBA :upside_down_face: