Will your robot be able to go through the trench?

  • Yes - <28" Tall
  • No

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I’m thinking most teams that have actually given this decision the proper weight won’t know their answer until at least the end of the day today, if not in a few days or longer


Our immediate, gut reaction was that we’d like to go through the trench to make cycle time more efficient. However, there is a huge case for having a tall-ish robot (defending shots into high goals, another robot obstructing vision cameras). These can be designed around and made such that you can have a robot that is short but still can handle it (971, anyone?), but it’s an assuredly complex problem.

Ninja edit: We won’t hard commit to either until we’ve let it stew for a bit, and even then, our design priorities need to agree with that too.


I agree that this is in no way finalized I just wanted to get some initial impressions as I heard wildly varying opinions from everybody will go through the trench to nobody will.

If we drive fast enough, yes.

JK. We’re still deciding.




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