Will your team use a "5th Wheel"?

has anybody ever built a “5th Wheel”, somthing that would raise the robot some what off the ground. if you do please show pics.
also who would use a “5th Wheel” this year is the poll

We did such a thing in 2002. We used a 5th wheel, mounted in the center of the robot. It used a third drill motor to give us some extra pushing power in low gear. Basically, we made a little frame for it, mounted up the wheel and motor, put the whole thing on a hinge, then used the cylinder to push it down into contact with the carpet. I will look for some pictures. Unfortunately, I dont have any on this computer.


We ran with a fifth wheel in 2003. In attempt to manuever easier, we placed a caster on a motor on the front end of the robot. I placed the link to the picture below. It is not visible, but was just beneath the white stopper on the arm.


In 2002 we had 6 wheels. Four of them (2 of them omni) were part of the main drive (tank steering). We could attach onto a goal with our “claw” (up to two goals)… if we attached to just one, we could greatly increase our strength by shooting down two wheels that caused the robot to push down on the goal, which caused the robot to lift up about 4".

The claw to grab the goals (heh… wonder if any teams this year came up with a similar design to grab the 10ft bar): http://www.team639.org/pics/2002_goal_grabber_2.jpg

Two wheels extended downwards and resulting in great strength: http://www.team639.org/pics/CANAD~12.JPG

More pics @ Team639.org , including movies of the wheels coming down.

We used a fifth wheel last year so that we could turn in the arc (to go up the ramp) in high gear without tripping the breakers with both the motors on full power. The caster was fixed at a certain angle. We are not going to do it again this year because the game does not lend itself to that.

In 2002 we lowered a caster wheel to be able to turn in high gear.

Teams that have trouble turning should seriously consider using a caster on a pneumatic to make it easier to steer, especially with the new unlimited supply of pnuematics we have to work with.

we are using one, not like what you usually see as a 5th wheel, but with 2 cylinders, we can climb a 6" stair no prob. Cant post pics, but the design works


we powered the movement with a globe motor but u can do it with pnematics. took about 1 second to get up. very good, helped us alot.

Our team is using 16 wheels :wink:

don’t have any pics yet, sorry

1999 we use a track system with two roller front and back, We could climb from the front our back with these wheels type roller. the track speed would slow down to the roller speed when we put it into action.

This year we are using a 5th wheel to raise the front. this wheel is hook to our drive train to give move power when the front is in the air. It works great with tracks. just in case anybody wants to stop us from getting on top.

do you have any pictures of that 99 robot??

we can not give every thing away now can we? some things have to remain secret =)

Alex your crazy, you cant count.

BUT it is from 99, thats a long time ago. how is a secret if u have used it in 99??

4*4 = 16, counting the small middle ones (yes those are wheels, they just don’t touch the ground)


is this really a post about math or is this a forum about 5th wheels?