Win an iPod

Did anyone notice the little yellow paper stuck in the box with the IEC limit switch?

Just find a clever use for the switch and fill out the entry form at\FIRST (must be UPPER CASE FIRST)

Winner gets a 30G iPod …

Cool …

(Disclaimer - this is an unabashed plug for our sponsor …)

Your link is broken and some more information would be helpful.

Sounds interesting to me…

Heh, we’ve been joking about that contest since we unpacked the kit. Every time someone mentions it, we try to come up with ridiculous or stupid uses (structural member, ballast, bump sensor, etc). I just can’t think of many unusual uses for a limit switch.

Does anybody know when winners will be announced?

well, easier question. does anybody know who tried to win it?

It says on the link that winners will be awarded at the World Championship and select Regionals soo I think the deadline has passed along with the announced winners.

Our team was notified via email just prior to CMP about winning the 80G ipod video. It was presented to our team in the pits on Friday towards the end of the day. They took a picture with our team.
We haven’t decided who to give it to yet.:smiley:

I think you forgot to tell us what you did with the switch :wink:

We used two of them, nothing special. It prevented our arm from tilting past the 45 degree mark both forward and backward. That limit switch is much better than the other ones we got in the kit.
Being able to keep the switch mounted permanently and adjusting the pivot of the switch to our arm was a plus.

LOLz, we should have applied earlier. We applied after the championship. We sued the switch to detect when we had the ball in our gripper. WHen the ball cam in, it flipped the switch and stopped the wheels so we wouldn’t burn out the motor. I had no idea about the contest, and at nationals, an alliance member said that it was cool and that we should apply. So I did when we got back… LOL