Wind River corrupt media?

I am having difficulty installing wind river on our classmate PC.

I reimaged, then started following the wind river installation instructions.

(I did not start Wind River after the installation of disc 1)

When I start setup on disc 2, I get the error: "This media is corrupt: See “setup.log” …

In the setup.log, it shows some files that cannot be accessed:
and 7 others.

On my disc 2, I have a set of directories are called:

I do not have a USB drive, so I am copying the contents from the DVD on my Ubuntu Linux machine. I do not have access to a windows machine here.

I can understand that the file name case might be changed, but the names should not change… Except now I notice that the filenames I see are in 8.3 format.

Would it work to rename the directories that I have to the ones that it says it is missing?

I think there is a lot more that is cut off… I have a directory called “installe” not “installer” so I don’t think this is going to work.

Anyone else have this trouble? Find a way around it?