Wind River Example Code

We have installed the second option on the flash drive already. We keep trying to install Wind River, and the installations are succeeding. However, we do not have access to the sample FRC code. It simply is not there. Also, we are running Windows 7 64-bit, and we know that we need to install disc 2 with version 3.3 without ever opening version 3.0. We’ve done that. Any ideas?

I have basically the same problem (fully installed labview and windriver, but no FRC code in either), though I had installed windriver before the labview flash drive. I also did option 1, the full install, for labview.

If anyone has a source for the example code, I think both of us would be very grateful!

Oh. We installed option 2. You don’t need the full install to write C++. Then again, this doesn’t seem to be working. Have you had any success finding help? Do you know if any other teams have this problem?

Well, three of the laptops on my team have the problem :frowning:

And I installed the full version of Labview because

  1. Excess of hard drive space, and I can always uninstall it later.
  2. I have used Labview in previous years, and if worst comes to worst i thought I could try programming on that.

All 3 of ours are running windows 7 home premium or professional, 64 bit.

Sounds like you are missing the Workbench update:

Sounds like you need the FRC C++ Update. Go to, find the WPILib project and click File Releases to find it.

It worked. You have saved my life.

Thank you, RufflesRidge!

umm i did all that but i get a error when i try to load the downloadable example folder:

the capability vxworks6.x is invaild because of the underlying platform is not available. This leads to unexpected results in windriver workbench. please the installation