Wind River License Issues

I’m getting a message that says my license for windriver expires in ten days. Anyone know what’s wrong?

Given your team number, I am going to assume you are on a rookie team or 2nd year team. Did you install Windriver fresh this year or reuse last year’s installation? If you installed Windriver this year you must not have used the right file for licensing. The file containing the year license is found on the Installation CD and is not labeled as only license but as FRC_2013_WB30_WB33_install.txt
See this for more information:
If you are a second year team, go to the link above and follow the instructions for installing 2013 over the 2012 installation. You can follow the same instructions to repair your license.

We are a second year team, I believe one of our team members finally found our problem, we were told to let the license expire and then try to reinstall it, I believe, but we’re not having the issue anymore. Thanks, though. :]