Wind River License Problem

My friend thought it would be funny to set my computer’s date to 2020. when I set it back, the wind river license died. now, every time we start up wind river it says “System clock has been set back”. I have tried reinstalling it but the error continues to be a ominous onus weighing down my life as competition marches relentlessly forward with a chainsaw. Anyway, is there any way, to fix this without reinstalling windows?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

Does the development shell work?

Wow. Well said… :slight_smile:

This sounds like the license data is being preserved in its ‘expired’ state. I believe WindRiver came with a license manager of some kind (I don’t have access to any of our programming computers at the moment unfortunately) where you may be able to delete the license and re-install it from the original license file on your WindRiver discs. That should cause it to ‘forget’ the clock was tampered with.