Wind River License Server Down?

For the past two days I’ve been trying to get a new laptop up and running with the Wind River software (installed fine on my older machine - that died).

Going through the same instructions, but now when I get to the part where it needs to obtain a “temporary” license via the internet, I get an error saying internet connection not available/Wind River server not found.

Internet is fine, getting same error on multiple desktops in home as well.

Has anyone else tried a new install of Wind River lately?

Thanks all.

Have you turned off all firewalls? I did, got a message like that, then checked and discovered that the Windows firewall was still on. After I turned it off (again?), things proceeded as expected.

Yep … windows firewall off. All other internet capabilities 100% fine on all computers on my network. None are responding to installing Wind River & license connection attempt. Weird. I was hoping someone else would try and see if they’re seeing the same thing. Is there anyone I can talk to over there about this?

i am having the same issue. i am running an installation of windows professional sp3 in virtual box with no firewall or anti-virus software on. i was also having issues with this when trying to install it on win7(which is another set of issues).

i do not know what the issue was but it resolved itself.