Wind River not installing

Okay so we are trying to install the new Wind River software. We already have uninstalled last years program. We start to install the new software, from the CD, and when it gets to downloading the different parts of the program it always gets hung-up/stuck on install 5 of 7. We have restarted our computer multiple times, we made sure we have no antivirus software on the computer, or firewalls. We also have full admin rights on the computer. If someone can help us with this that would be AMAZING!!! Any questions just ask and we will do our best to answer them.

Jeff Mayfield
Team Coordinator
K.A.O.T.I.C. Robotics #4539

Are you installing on Windows 8? If so there’s a note about that in the install documentation:

No sorry I forgot to put that we are installing on Windows 7, 64-bit.

Try copying the contents of the DVD’s to the hard drive first, and then installing from that.