Wind Tunnel

Hello all FIRST’ers

Team T.H.R.U.S.T. is in need of the use of a Wind Tunnel to quantify a Proof of Concept design for our robot.
If you know of one, we can use, within driving distance of Huntington, IN, let me know.

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

The closest I can think of is at Purdue, but last I knew, it was broken down.

Wind tunnel??? Sounds like you are making something very interesting.

This is probably the single scariest question I’ve ever seen posted to this website.

How fast is your robot going to move, exactly?

i like your team acronym… very creative… and yes, that question is pretty scary. i’m very interested in how your robot is going to turn out now… i’ll be sure to keep an eye out for you guys.

as for the location of a wind tunnel near you, i have no idea. good luck, i hope you find it in due time. :slight_smile:

Methinks it could be involved with shooting a projectile through a tetra to grab it? like a grapple hook?

nahh i think they’re just already overweight and wondering about how the speed holes might affect performance :smiley:

I think a windtunnel is overboard, unless we are flying these robots.

speed holes are sexy! just look at all of our previous robots, expecially Roccobot 2k3… it looked like pink swiss cheese! but really, i dont think drilling in holes really affects performace as long as you dont drill holes to the point where theres no metal left!

ARE there rules about flyring or hovering robots?

thats a good question… -flips thru the manual- well… i guess as long as you figure out a way to build a flying/hovering robot that would be **safe and pose no potential threat or harm to anyone on or near the playing field ** it would be okay…

So…really…you could have a remote control airplane with a string with a big fishing hook on the end to grab tetras…lol

haha… i dont know of any remote control airplane that would be strong enough to pick up a tetra AND fit within the dimensions limits… and if fitting in the invisible box wasnt an issue, airplanes that large usually run off of gasoline or something like that… although that would be pretty cool to try.

Let’s all calm down here. To get something up to a speed where wind matters on a 54’ long field is unlikely.

So, either the whole thing is not moving around at high speed (just some appendage or something),

or there will be something that is affected by wind very easily (something with very large surface area),

or, most likely, this isn’t FIRST related.

Agree. Let’s get back to the original topic and leave this thread as a question/answer thread.

Well, so there is one at Purdue, but it is broken from what i understand??? :confused: :ahh:

Well you can do what the guys from spaceship one did and mount the thing onto the front of a suv.

LOL, some how that doesn’t sound…oh whats the word, um…efficient. lol. :wink:

How fast does the air need to be traveling for you to collect the data you need?
I built a small scale wind tunnel using a house fan, its max speed is about 20-25 mph. But you probably need something with some more power.

I think 25mph would be pretty slow;) , although it could work:confused:. IDK, what do you think Wayne??? :confused: