Window Motor Bolt Size?

I don’t have access to a window motor at the moment but i need to order some bolts for it. I was wondering if anyone had the bolt width and threads per inch (for the hole with the metal in it).

It is a 3/16 diameter hole, but I am not sure about the threads.

We always drill them out and use 1/4-20.

But we always try and keep bolt sizes standardized to keep tool and fastener inventories simple.

95% of what we use is either 1/4-20 or 10-24.

The threads are actually in metric, I believe it is an M6. The other holes work well with 10-32’s (standard).

its a metric #6 and it took us a long time to figure that out
the threaded insert is #6 metric we used 10-32’s for the unthreaded holes

take the motor to the near tool shop and they will find the exact screws thats what we do second year.

You can also thread the plastic for 1/4-20 if you are so inclined.