Window Motor Cad

I am running last years version of Autodesk, Autodesk 10. This means I cannot use this years cad kit of parts. However I really need a model of Both window motors and their adapters. Could some one with Autodesk 11 save these parts as a .sat file and send them to me at This would be extremely helpful. Thanks

A lot of the stuff can be found here:

Yes many things are at that site. But they do not have a new version of the Keyang motor which is what I am looking for.

The KOP seems to have only the keyang coupler, and nothing else related to the window motors. does seem to have everything, though. All the couplers are in the mechanical section. There is a window motor in motors that doesn’t have a brand – might that be the Keyang?

I looked at all the window cad models and none of them are this years, so if anyone has it modeled already, if you could email it to


Our CAD machines show a blank to all those files, does anyone have a clue why?

same here:

We need it really soon. Thanks a million!

Wow, I just looked and couldn’t find that model anywhere either. I’m kinda stalled on the design I’m working out.

Anyone who has created a model of this (I’d do it myself, but I don’t have the motor with me) please send me the files as well!



I’ll get down to it tommorow. Expect a post on where it’ll be hosted.

A mentor on my team was nice enough to model the motor for me today while I was working on other things. It can be found here (sorry it makes you go through some junk to download it, it was the first place I could find to host the file, and it does give you the right files eventually).

Note that I did not create this file myself, nor have I verified it’s accuracy yet. However, the creator is a mech E who spend about 2 hours with a computer, the motor and a caliper to create the model, so I trust it to be reasonably precise. Also note that the model obviously isn’t completely correct, he focused on the geometry that is important for the way we are planning on mounting it, some of the other parts weren’t as well modeled.

I finished a model that will be more than accurate enough for any type of mounting. However, I forgot to bring it home on my usb drive. So when I get to robotics tommorow, I shall post it for you all.

Thank you for modeling the window motors. However I still cannot open the newer version of inventor. Can someone post an .sat version of the window motor? Thanks

Hey can you send the motor model in .sat format to me asap? Thanks!

I sent you a copy of my motor in SAT form - Inventor generated a few ipts in the process as well, so I attached everything just in case. Good luck with your robot!

Sorry, but somehow the file corrupted itself while sitting on my usb drive. Do you still need the part? If so, I can remodel it, but it’ll take until tomorrow.

Looks like we are all set with ScinceNerd’s model.
Thanks for your efforts.