window motor connection

I have the proper terminals to connect to a window motor, however, no matter how long I search Chief Delphi, FIRST, or google, I cannot find which of the two metal leads is the voltage and which one is the ground. Can anyone please tell me which is which, and also if it varies between the left and right window motor?

they are the same as DC motors. connect them one way they will rotate in one direction
connect apposite way they will move the apposite way…
there is no different between the left and right one…

The motor drives in both directions. The higher voltage goes to one terminal or the other depending on which way you want to run it. The speed controller or Spike relay module is designed to reverse the polarity of the electron flow when you want it to.

Short answer: it doesn’t matter.

There is no ground or positive with these. You just have to try hooking them up to check for the roation you want.

When you have the left and right pair in front of you with the output shafts facing each other (power connections are to you) if you connect positive to the right side of both motor and negitive on the left side both motors, they will spin in the same direction. This is what I learned for using our motors.

Thanks everyone. I understood that it didn’t matter, but just for convention (and to make sure that both are spinning in the same direction), I thought it would be good to ask. Experiments confirmed what you all said as well. Thank you.