Window Motor Dissassembly

My team recently seperated the gearbox of a window motor from the actual motor. We modified a Cim so it would work and we’re using the gearbox on the Cim. Now, I’m looking at the thing and going “…Is that legal?” It’s considered integral by <R53>, but we’re only using the gearbox and not the actual motor.

If it’s considered integral…

You better ask Q&A ASAP. I would guess that you’re illegal, but I’m not the expert.

I would have to say that is not a Legal modification under this rule. For an official answer always feel free to post to the official forum for a GDC ruling.

To play devil’s advocate here:

Let’s say this team found a nearly identical window motor on eBay/Craigslist or at a local car parts store, and thought to themselves: wow, this has a really nice gearbox on it. We could attach a CIM motor to this gearbox and we’d be in business!

The gearbox formerly attached to a non-legal motor was removed from said non-legal motor and attached to KoP CIM motor. If the non-legal window motor assembly was commercially available, the non-legal motor assembly would be a COTS item (although the motor inside the assembly would be illegal). The gearbox removed from it would a fabricated item derived from a COTS part.

Now last I checked, this would be legal (this is more or less exactly what the DeWalt XRP transmission mod is), but again this is not official in any way shape or form.

I would tend to agree with Mr. Dutra on this point and consider the worm gear assembly legal. However, my batting average of advise compared to subsequent GDC guidance has not been great of late…

I also urge you to have your Main Team Contact post this question to the GDC.



<R53> “B” specifically states: “The gearboxes for the Fisher-Price and Globe motors are not considered “integral” and may be separated from the motors”.

This would imply that the window motors ARE considered “integral” since they are not specifically listed and separating them from their gearbox would be a violation of <R53>.

I don’t think you have a chance on this one. Much better to re-engineer it now than wait till an inspector catches it at a regional and you have to try to kluge something together to make it legal.

Now if you buy an “off the shelf” motor IDENTICAL to the KOP window motor and take it apart and just use it’s gearbox, I would say that was perfectly legal. As stated by an earlier poster, that’s no different than using a drill gearbox. Just be prepared to prove to an inspector that it’s NOT your KOP window motor gearbox!!

my 2 cents (as unofficial as everyone elses)…

Rules R50 through R54 are under the heading “Motors and Actuators”.
Rule R53 states the intent “So that the maximum power level of every ROBOT is the same,… The integral mechanical and electrical system of the motor is not to be modified.”

Modifying a gearbox integral to a motor could potentially increase the output power of the motor/gearbox assembly

Taking the gearbox off and putting it on another motor can only decrease the output power of the other motor.

I think you’re OK.