Window Motor electrical connection

Am I missing something or did FIRST not include the pig tail connector for the window motors :ahh:

I went through every bag and did not see one. If you haven’t looked at these yet, they have a plastic housing with just two thin spades deep inside. The housing is integrated with the motor housing so you can’t cut it off and expose wires.

After an hour, I found that the window motor from 2002 or 2001 had the exact same clip and I still had the matching pig tails. So I am set but would like to know what the official story is on these motors. Especially if I am missing something :rolleyes:

According to the Good Practices manual (page 8), they didn’t include the quick-connect Packard connector (part number 12129486). A search for a supply of them is underway.

Meanwhile, they suggest the 14-16 ga. slip-on crimps from Terminal Supply, part BB-8185, or Stakon’s RB14-110F.

FIRST has also said it is legal to solder leads onto the pins.



I have my contacts at Delphi looking for a source for the terminals & connector for the window motor.

So far, I have the attached print. The print shows that the connector part number listed is good (12129486). It lists the terminal part number as (12110847). We have to confirm that the part numbers for the terminal is good and find a source…

…still working…

Joe J.

Denso Motor Connector.ZIP (63.6 KB)

Denso Motor Connector.ZIP (63.6 KB)

Thanks Joe,

I suppose if/when you find a source you will let them know they are likely to be SLAMMED with orders when you make their contact info public …

**BTW … what would it take for me to get a little “pre-publication” email notice of availability? :wink: **

More digging, haven’t found a pony yet…

There is good data on Delphi Packard connectors here:

The print for the 12129486 is there for example (in pdf format even).

It also lists these terminals as “related parts” to the connector 12129486

12110847 < this one is on the print for the connector

]( terminals are basic variations for combinations of wire gauge, insultation thickness & with/without rubber seal.

I am still working to find out if any of these are available via a source that sells to the public.

Stay tuned…

Joe J.

Joe did you ever find an available source for these connectors?

All my sources ran dry. I just got an e-mail late last night saying telling me they struck out.

The only way I know to get these parts is to buy them in 1000’s


Joe J.

guys, the part number for the window motors quick connect from terminal supply co. part number 8135 not 8185.

Good luck in your endeavours