Window motor mating gear

Just curious, but has anyone actually gotten a gear that mates with the window motor output shaft? According to the FIRST site, it’s a 20 degree pressure angle, 12 pitch gear, which I haven’t been able to find.

Any sources out there?

We aren’t really into gears so direct drive is good enough for our purposes. We did CNC a steel coupler to go over the output. It is sooo cool and fits like you would never believe.

You mean like the black plastic coupler that has one side molded to fit over the output gear on the window motor, and the other side molded to fit on a 1/2" keywayed drive shaft? Like the two that FIRST provides as part of the kit?


Are you saying that there is a coupling in the kit for the window motors. That would make life easy for our machinist and that goes double for our student machinist.


hmm, sounds like that, only made out of steel, so strong, but HEAVY

Yes like the ones in the kit but steel.

Yes two couplers come in the kit but we like to make things as complicated as they can be.