Window Motor - Problem with victors?

Our team is using two window motors in unison to control a spool on our robot. They’re connected to victors which are connected to 40 amp breakers on the pdb. In labview, i have them programmed so that button 1 pressed = motors going forward, button 2 pressed = motors going in reverse. Button 2 works completely fine, but when i try button one, the motor is jumpy, and moves randomly. I know that there’s nothing in my code that would make the victors do that, and i know that the window motors are good. Has anyone experienced this problem before?

we are using window motors on our arm and have them running off victors but it is programmed to use a joystick and not buttons and we have had no problems, we had them on jaguars but had problems and switched to victors

Post your code, even if you don’t think there are issues with it. There could still be issues you haven’t come across yet anyways.

Also, Have you you considered using spikes instead? They seem ideal for such applications, unless you aren’t running your motors full forward and full reverse.

We had a somewhat similar problem, try setting your victors to break mode?

fixed it. i think the problem was that in the code, i had a separate case statement for each button, and while one was setting the motor speed to 0, the other was trying to set it to -1, and it couldnt get the right value through. fixed it with an embedded case