Window motor RPM? and Mounts?

Hello all,
We are in the design stage for possibly building a swerve drive.
Does anyone know the RPM of the window motor? I don’t have access to one for a little bit so I can’t test it.
And what methods have you guys used to attach sprockets to them besides using the hub that is provided.

According tothis sheet (which has 2010 motor data - the window motors from last year are the same as this year), the answer is 84 rpm free, 10.6 N*m stall torque.

As for using the window motor, we have a 2d cad drawing of the spline of the window motor output. We can waterjet that into whatever part we need (we have, in the past, cut a sprocket for 25 chain with that pattern, 1/4" discs with bolt holes, discs with bolt holes and cutouts to build a drum winch, and probably a few other things). I know 973 made a gear (here) using a waterjet - I believe they also used this in a crab drive.

We have also used the hub. We usually lathe it down a bit and drill it out to accept an Andymark plate sprocket, and once we also lathed a plug for the axle hole which we mounted a sensor to.

Two things…
We don’t know if the window motor will be in the KOP this year. (Likely but not guaranteed.) Consider that last year’s rules also allowed the removal of the locking/backdrive pins.

rpm, torque, current, voltage, power, and efficiency data for all 2011 KoP motors is available here.