Window Motor With Spike/Victor

Can we use the window motor with both the spike and victor? :confused:

Thanks so much!

You cannot use both on one window motor. The spike controls just straight on or off and the victors control anywhere from 1 to 254, 127 being neutral. If you want more than one speed you’ll have to use a victor, but if one speed is all you need then I would go with a spike because they are cheaper and lighter.

Thank you for your quick reply!!!

actually thats an interesting question, but if you put a victor after a spike, then when you reversed the direction of the spike the victor would have its + and - connections to power backwards

and all the smoke would leak out.

Once it leaks out its really hard to get it back in, and it seems to be necessary - the victors dont work without it!

and if you put the spike after the victor, you would have the same problem.

If you ran the Victor in only a single direction and had the spike after it you should be able to control the Victor proportionally in one direction and reverse the direction with the spike aftwerward. I haven’t the slightest clue why anyone would do this though. If you had only a forward speed control it would make it reverse for fairly cheap.

Anyway, for those of you who don’t know, what I said above in this post is strictly disallowed on a FIRST competition robot and I make no guarantees regarding the well being of your electronics if you ever try something like this.

Sorry about the confusion guys…I was wondering if the window motor could be used with the spike OR the victor…we werent going to use both at the same time.
Thanks for the info…response time in here is great…appreciated by us rookies!

if you did put a spike after a victor, even if you never reversed the victor, Im not sure if the spike would work correctly

it may only operate with 12V across its input side - the victors work by pulsing the output on and off (pulse width modulation)

I dont know if the spikes woud function that way.

All this is against the FIRST wiring rules - but it is interesting to think outside the box and gain some insite into how these devices operate.

BTW - I was pretty sure the original poster was asking if you could use either one, not both - but someone else would read this thread thinking we were saying you could use both, and would try it - so all this clarification is here for a good reason.

Thanks to everyone! Gracious Professionalism at its best!

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