Window Motor

OK, I have a motor…
after looking around I’ve found that it looks like this:

Where can I find info about it?
Should I use a SPIKE or Victor to control it?

Please reply as fast as U can!!! :ahh:

If you just want to turn it on and off and don’t want to control the speed it’s running at, you can use a spike. Otherwise you want to use a Victor.

Ok I believe it is called a nippo-denso motor…

Do I use a SPike or Victor for it?!?!

Ok thanks for the help!

So if I use a Victor what “amps” should I use for it?

See section **5.3.9 **of the manual. There are wiring and fusing guidelines there.

Which Manual?

The FIRST Robotics manual/handbook/guide for this year (2005)

Here’s a link to section 5. Scroll down until you see 5.3.9.

Just so you know, the one you posted the picture of is the Jideco motor. The Nippon Denso is the black one.