Window Motor

Can someone tell me the Rpms on the window motor from the kit thanks
See page 8.

Another Question.

How robust is the window motor?

We rigged up a prototype arm last weekend and we think the spur gear stripped. As it turned out, we were overloading the motor. We added a piston to ease the load. With the piston in place, there is little strain on the motor, but I am still worried that a sudden shock could break another gear.

Has anyone had any experience with this motor stripping?

(I’m talking about the worm-drive inside the case, not the steel gear on the output shaft.)

Could you please give us an idea of what kind of load you had on the motor, to make the gear strip? I assume you had an arm attatched to it somehow, could you give us a rough idea of how long the arm was, how much weight was on the end of it, how heavy the arm itself was (or just the resulting moment, if you want to keep the details secret). Also did you have any additional reduction between the motor and arm, such as a chain and sprockets?

Thanks in advance…we’re considering using a window motor to drive a chain reduction system that would lift an arm. If the window motor can’t take the torque load, then it won’t work very well!

The worm in this motor housing is made of plastic, so a sharp impact on its shaft could certainly strip it.

I to would like to know the load at which you stripped the gear… we are also planning on using the window motor to power our arm and a weight restriction would be nice!