Window Motors Overheat And Cut


We have 2 window wiper motors controlling an up/down arm.
However, once in a while the motor’s overheat and cut out for a bit(No more then 30 sec, haven’t measures exactly). This is detrimental to our robot’s performance. Is there any way, mechanically, electrically or in software that this can be fixed. Keep in mind that we only have one day to alter this, when we get our robot at the regional.


The best way mechanically is to change to a versa planetary setup for a move secure and efficient mechanism…

We have not experienced this issue and we have window motors on the base of our el toro sticks. I would recommend dropping the power level a little. I would assume this is why we don’t overheat our motors

In general I would use a stronger motor for controlling an arm. Window motors aren’t the most reliable equipment.

Window motors are designed to move a window of a car up and down (not a big surprise here). Because of that they have a bi-metal autoresetting breaker built in, in case an arm (or other body part) gets caught in the window as it closes. The ‘reset’ time depends on the heat generated during stall (or close to stall).

If you are insistent on using the window motor in this application, then you should assist the arm when going up (with a gas shock, surgical tubing, etc.) creating a neutrally buoyant arm.

Quick fixes that don’t involve replacement:
Find a way to cool the motors. (add fans or get a can of compressed gas for in between matches)
Make sure your arm is neutrally balanced to reduce the load on the motors. There was a theory that jaguars didn’t work well with window motors, not sure if this is true.
If you are controlling the arm with any sort of feedback make sure the motors aren’t continuously running to maintain position. (Add a large deadband)

As others have said, this is what window motors do when under load. Replace them if you can.

What are you using to control the window motor? Jag, Talon, Vic or Spike?
Spike would be the best since it runs it only full forward, reverse or neutral (same control it was designed for in a car). If you must use a speed controller, Victor would probably be the best due to its lower switching freq.

Replace the window motor with a PG 71. That is what we did.