Window Motors

How do you wire up window motors, cause im looking at the connectors within the motor and im just wondering how they are wired up and what kind of connectors to they require?

Please try searching before you post. There are many threads answering this question including where to purchase the connectors.

Or you can do what we have done for years and that’s cut away the plastic housing and solder right to the connector on the motor.

We purchased enough connectors (housings and contacts) for 10 motors for $34 (including shipping) from Mouser Electronics last year.

We ordered the part numbers suggested by Travis Hoffman in this thread.

They provide a very secure connection when snapped in place.

I soldered the wires right onto the clips on the window motor and then put heat shrink tubing over that

Cool, remember to give your wires some form of strain relief so your not puling on those connections while running.

Yes we looped them back