Window Server 2008 - free for students

Looks like Microsoft just added Windows Server 2008 to their software that is free through Microsoft Dreamspark.

They previously had Server 2003 available, and have other things available as well.

Don’t forget that they still have The Ultimate Steal still going on too. Office '07 Ultimate might not be worth the $500 it normally costs retail, but I find it pretty hard to argue the $60 price.

the only problem is you have to be a college student. =/
but thanks 4 the link, i’ll bookmark it and wait 2 years till i graduate. lol

thanks for the link. im currently a student at Vermont tech … its not on their list so i have to figure out how to do this…

My college(Oakland University) wasn’t on their list either. I signed up a long time ago, but i remember i had to go through to be verified.

Just be forewarned, its almost 1.75GBs to download, and the download manager seems to be a bit slow.

You can actually be a High School Student … when you get to you can say that you’re a HS student and all you need is to scan a copy of your Student ID card


Robotics team server at school???:smiley:

We might try it.

If only the Ultimate Steal was available for high school students.

Still looks interesting though, and the Windows Server 2008 might come in handy…