window tape

Posted by rebecca at 1/29/2001 11:32 PM EST

Student on team #192, gunn robotics team, from gunn high school.

Does anyone know where we can obtain extra window motor tape? We are quickly running out of it.


Posted by Dodd Stacy at 1/30/2001 12:34 AM EST

Engineer on team #95, Lebanon Robotics Team, from Lebanon High School and CRREL/CREARE.

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Posted by rebecca on 1/29/2001 11:32 PM EST:


A year or two ago, when we needed more window tape, I went to the Parts counter at the local GM dealer, and they sold me a whole roll of it (many feet). Tell them about your team and what you’re doing, and they may just give it to you. These same guys gave me a van door motor assembly that was spare/loose in the parts room. Try it. Report back on your experience. These guys are all for what you’re doing. Good luck.