Window Tape

Hi Folks,

Maybe someone here knows or remembers since I don’t but something called
window tape used to come in the KOP (until 2001?). I think it was a black nylon ribbon about 1/8" thick that has rectangular cutouts in it that keep it tracking on pulleys.

Can still get it someplace?
Does anyone know where I can get this?


In the past, when Team 95 needed more window tape, we got a big honkin’ roll of it by talking nicely to the local car dealer (GM, I think). We’ve moved workshops 4 or 5 times since then, so we probably don’t have it anymore, but if I see it, I’ll let you know.

Edit: A quick web search shows that JC Whitney ( sells what looks to be the right tape. Item ZX157870B for 20 feet of it.

The tape you are talking about is still standard for many power operated windows and mates with pulleys also available as repair parts. A cruise by the junkyard could get you several feet of tape and the connecting pulleys.

Wow, that appears to be the stuff. Thanks. Why I didn’t think of looking at JCWhitney in the first place is beyond me.

Thanks, I’ll check McMaster-Carr too, they at one time used to have it!

Thanks guys for stimulating my old brains cells.