Windows 10 and Labview

Does anyone know if this years Labview and FRC update suite is compatible with window 10.

Does anyone plan on moving or window 10?

I plan on upgrading and using LabVIEW with it though I won’t be able to test it with a real robot.
I will be able to tell if the instillation works if it helps

As happened a few years ago with Win8, the release dates of Win10 and LV2015 are practically on top of each other. Meaning that the release/release combo is just recently possible for folks within NI and I don’t think it yet is possible for those outside of NI. Anyway, the tests will be run again to identify things that industrial users need to be aware of. I expect for FRC things to work fine, but the statement about fully supporting Win10 will likely be missing until LabVIEW and related drivers are updated with a service pack.

I hope that made sense.

Greg McKaskle

I have updated my windows to windows 10 and LabVIEW seems to work just fine.
Actually, I find it much easier to navigate between windows with the new window manage (Alt+Tab/Win+Tab) because the thumbnails are larger.

good to know. I really want to update to window 10 however i do not want to run into the same problem i did with window 8 and it not working well with FRC tools

Hello Friends,

I started to use LabVIEW (2013) about two months ago on Windows 7. Upon upgrading from win 7 to 10, the LabVIEW code I was using to do my experiment failed to work with the instruments (temperature and current controllers). I had to downgrade to win 7, and the code started to work fine.

I like to have my computer working on win 10, but is there any way to still have the LabVIEW on win 10 and still have the instruments and the LabVIEW work properly?

I run all my PLC programming tools on a VMware virtual machine. Solves the problem of programming tools not playing nicely together as well.

What interface or what instruments stopped working? What errors or symptoms did you have?

More than likely, you needed to upgrade the drivers, but you don’t give much information to troubleshoot with.

Greg McKaskle

The problem is solved now. I upgraded from win 7 to 10 again, and then did all the updates of the NI components.:slight_smile:

I think I saw three Windows 10 driver stations at Gitchi Gummi Invitational this weekend, and there were no issues we noticed.

By the way, 1816 had a really neat driver station with a Lenovo Yoga velcroed in place in tablet mode. They were one of the teams running 10. Wish I had a photo of it to share.

I’m running windows 10 and the only issue I have is that there is no Silverlight plug in for windows edge. I can’t pull up the web page for the robo rio. I also can’t load a copy of windows explorer on my laptop now that it is running 10. I’m trying to use firefox to accomplish this now but I’m having trouble getting Silverlight to mate with it.

You should be able to press the windows button, then type Internet Explorer, and click the entry that shows, to get a copy of IE running.