Windows 10 "broken" when running Driver Station

I’ve recently installed LabView on two separate Windows 10 Pro computers. In BOTH cases, running Driver Station leaves Windows in a bad state. Looking at the logs, it appears that starting Driver Station triggers a Perflib error: Windows cannot load the extensible counter DLL “C:\Windows\System32\sysmain.dll” (Win32 error code The specified module could not be found).

This leaves Windows in a bad state - the most obvious problem is that the Windows search (clicking on Windows flag in lower left corner and typing in search term) ceases to function. But, there are other Windows issues. Even shutting down the computer is impacted.

I’m hoping someone on this thread may have experience with this and a solution. As it is, my productivity is greatly reduced because of the need to reboot my computer in order to restore Windows to proper function.

Thank you for any suggestions or insights you can offer.

It appears I may have stabilized my Windows environment by running Driver Station, Phoenix Tuner, and Visual Studio Code as administrator.

I can tell you that certain portions of LabVIEW, and the dashboard is Labview, require read write file access. Windows can get really touchy about that without admin rights and all sorts of stupid can happen. You can see the same behavior when you compile Labview executables.

Hi Tom - thanks for your reply. So, it looks like running Labview as an administrator helps delay onset of the Windows degradation, but I’ve realized it does not eliminate the problem. And, I’m not seeing any errors in the Event Viewer associated with the degradation. I’ll continue to study the issue and will let you know if I home in on a permanent solution.

If anyone else out there has experienced this issue and found a solution, I’d greatly appreciate any additional insights.

How old is your drive station? What make/model is it? Is it on an HDD or SSD? Have you tried running any sort of HW diagnostics (at a min, check the SMART report of the HDD)? Are your Windows Patch up to date?

Running FRC Driver Station Version 21.0. The problem behavior (Windows search fails when clicking on the Windows flag in bottom left) has occurred on both SSD and HDD drives (two separate computers). Both had latest patches for 64-bit Windows 10 Pro. Running SMART on my drive shows the drive is healthy (e.g., PredictFailure is FALSE).

I don’t think it’s an issue with the hard-drive (particularly since the behavior occurred on two separate computers). Since I’m new to FRC, both systems were fresh installs of Labview and Visual Studio Code on 64-bit Windows 10 Pro in the last week.

My Application error log has shown some concerning reports, but not consistently. In other words, the failure in Windows search behavior has occurred withOUT a corresponding entry in the error logs.

When you say, Labview, do you mean the full Labview dev/etc. Or just the util/parts that are needed for the Drive Station part? if you don’t need to use the full labview, you don’t need to install the full packages and just need to do the Drive Station portion (Installing the FRC Game Tools — FIRST Robotics Competition documentation).

Thanks @tkchan for your reply. So, I downloaded and installed ni-frc-2020-game-tools_20.0-online_repack.exe. I don’t see that NI has made a “2021” version of the file, yet. Being new to the environment, I mistakenly used the term Labview when I had only installed the FRC game tools.

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