Windows 10 Lock Up

Hi all! I’ve run into a problem recently, one which I can’t find an already available answer. It seems that, whenever I hook up my computer to my RoboRIO, after a few minutes of interaction, my entire computer freezes up. I’m not quite sure why this is happening, as it’s never happened to me before (although my experience is on laptops dedicated to FRC software, not a true personal computer like the one I’m using now). I’m hooked up through the USB connection to the RoboRIO, if that matters at all. Thank you!

My first guess would be the computer is not adequate for being a drive station. Anecdotally, we had an older dedicated laptop that I noticed had been creeping up to 100% CPU use after switching from the default dashboard to Shuffleboard. And that was without having more programs open like we regularly have VSCode on the programming laptop. Generally the DS computer since dedicated can be less powerful, but we are done with that one. It was a nearly decade old processor anyhow.

But from this my tips are:

Check the drivestation logs to see how utilized the CPU is.

See what other applications are open. Check your Task Manager to see if you are maxing out CPU, memory, or disk, which can all make the machine sluggish. Then see if any particular program is the issue.

I would check these first before trying to chase down some USB network glitch, which I’d probably do by typing in some combination of ‘usb network freezes computer windows 10’ into a search and see if anything relevant comes up.

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I can almost guarantee that it is not the processor (I’m running an AMD 2700X, 8-core processor), unless there is some weird compatibility issue between AMD and NI, but thank you, and I will look into that ASAP.

Okay. Looks like it’s the disk. For no apparent reason, my HDD jumps up to 100% and locks up there, followed by what looks like a memory leak, as my memory gets eaten up real fast… I have no clue how to fix this, so, any ideas?

Sort processes by disk usage in the processes tab and see what is using it. Also, what application has the memory leak? I don’t have an idea what causes the disk usage in the start, but after you fill up a certain amount of ram, windows starts writing ram to disk, making your problem worse.

So this is the weird thing, before my mouse and keyboard stop responding (which is what happens for me when the computer “freezes up”), I had switched Task Manager to sort by Disk Usage. But there was no process that was taking more than maybe a few MB/s every once and a while. There was no obvious culprit, which leads me to believe this has something to do with the drivers (?). But that is just a speculation on my part.

Is the disk physically dying? Is it a spinning disk or SSD? Is the disk full?

My guess about the disk usage is that the problem is actually a program that is consuming RAM. As your computer’s memory gets full, Windows is moving less-frequently used objects out of RAM and into disc.

In general, running out of disk space causes problems with computers, not crashing. Running out of memory causes crashing (or kills programs).

I recommend trying again, and look for a process that is consuming lots of memory.

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The disk should not be physically dying, though it is an HDD, not an SSD. But I don’t have any problems with it or my computer in general outside of interacting with the RoboRIO.

I will try again soon… Once I’m done using my computer for other tasks.

What antivirus are you using?

This looks like windows antivirus doing a scan.

Highly recommend disabling the entirity of windows defender, as well as disabling cortana, and any other built in bloatware to W10.

A driverstation laptop configured like this will be extremely insecure and should not be used outside of being a driverstation for security.

So the issue with that is that this is my personal computer, so disabling defender permanently isn’t much of an option. I will try disabling it temporarily, but I definitely won’t be able to leave it off. Still haven’t been able to test anything yet, so I’ll get back to you guys when I have. Thank you guys so much!

Looks like it was indeed Windows Defender. I’ve adopted a practice of disconnecting from the Internet and shutting off Windows Defender in an attempt of keeping my PC safe while coding. Thanks all!

There might be more palatable remedies, potentially this one:

If you know what program is being scanned, you can add an exclusion for it in Windows Defender:

This looks to have done the trick! Thanks guys!

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What would have happened if the robot was in motion when the antivirus decided to pop up, freezing the laptop? Would the robot go crazy and perform what it last remembered or will it just stop but in the enabled state or disable?

That’s actually the exact reason for the watchdog on the roboRIO. The roboRIO expects a control packet from the DS every 20ms. If it goes longer than x* ms without receiving a control packet, it automatically disables the robot until the next control packet is received. So technically this shouldn’t be a problem, but obviously it’s still safer to not have to rely on the watchdog to save you in the first place.

* I don’t remember the exact value off the top of my head, but I’m sure you can find it somewhere in the docs

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i’ve… never had a robot disable on me? Except for the weird time during the last days of 2019 build… which i think i’ve had a post somewheres…

Found it: Bag night issues
Guess it was something everyone had, an NI fix.