Windows 2000 & XP Pro Edition Help

I have a friend who uses both 2k and XP pro editions, and he’s ran into a problem…

Everytime he tries to shutdown his computer, he ends up getting an error saying “Some processes could not initialize because Windows is shutting down” or something like that. It happens when he tries to restart, log off, and the such.

Sorry for this newbie-ish kinda post, but I’m in a rush here at the mom.

Anywho, does anyone got a case [and hopefully a fix] for this problem?

Even if he actually needs those 2 systems (I cant think of a good reason for doing this), they cannot be on the same partition of the hard drive. If you want to keep the data on the partition, use PartitionMagic or a similar program.

Thanks much for the answer. I’m pretty sure they are on seperate computers though (he has 2 comp.'s at his house)

Hmmm… okay :slight_smile: If the message reads something like “The application failed to initialize because the main station is shutting down” then he tried to open the Task Manager while shutting down :smiley: Or does this appear on one computer when he is shutting down the other one?

It appears on both computers from what I understand. He can’t open the Task Manager though due to this problem.