Windows 7 compatibility--any issues?


I have been unable to find this info anywhere else, but I’m about to upgrade from Vista to Win7 on the team laptop (NOT the DS–I’m aware that must remain unmodified) and I wanted to ask if anyone has had any issues with it. I intend to use 32-bit. We use Java, but obviously the LabVIEW components (image tool) have to work as well.

So how about it? Anyone have experience with Win7 + 2010 FRC tools? Anything I need to be aware of before I take the plunge?


I run Labview on Windows 7 without any problems. I have not used the cRIO imaging tool on my Windows 7 laptop but I would expect it to work fine. I have been using Labview on Windows 7 without issue since 7 was in Beta.

I run Win7 under a VM on a Mac and run LV on that. No issues other than learning how to get the networking to bridge.

Greg McKaskle

Our code laptops run 7 and we haven’t had any issues. Just be sure to turn off UAC before you go crazy. :stuck_out_tongue:

This was discussed a while ago over here;

I think the thread concluded that it just wasn’t worth it…

He is not talking about the Classmate, he is talking about the programming/code laptop and if other teams have had issues with running certain programming applications while using Windows7.

That thread really appears to be referring to updating the DS itself, which IMO is an awful idea (not sure if it is, but it should be illegal to modify anything that low-level DS-side). I am not touching the image of the DS, but rather fixing a development laptop. I do have the option of putting XP on it, but based on the three earlier posters, I think I’ll chance it with 7. I just know that Vista, complete with preloaded Lenovo garbage, is completely unusable…

Thank you all!

I have a laptop with Windows 7 64bit.

I had no problems using Labview or writing VI’s.

As with all the other operating systems, turn off your Firewall before:
I had no issues with Imaging the CRIO.
I had no issues downloading code.
I had no issues running/probing code.

I was even able to install the Driver Station code and operated as the Driver Station with the Dashboard with no problems.

The only thing I haven’t done is copy projects from a 32bit to 64bit OS and vice-verse. I’ve been told there’s an issue with finding the built in VI’s because the “home” directory names are different.

I have been able to copy custom/team created VI’s back and forth without any issues.

I hope this helps.

We’re using GIT source control with Labview, and we haven’t had any problems moving back and forth between XP-32 and 7-64. I didn’t expect it to work, because some of the dependencies are in ‘Program files’ on 32 bit systems but in ‘Program Files (x86)’ on 64 bit systems, but apparently theres something that makes that work.

Even Windows XP Pro, when burdened with all that Lenovo garbage, is just about unusable.
I can never find the little ‘Safely Remove Hardware’ quick-launch thingy in the bottom right tray to eject a USB stick.
Have to use the stupid ‘ThinkVantage EasyEject’ program. :mad:
I can’t wait to get rid of my ThinkPad!

Nice to know that Windows 7 is working for people, I’ll be using it soon I hope.


Prior to migrating to Windows 7 it would be best to download and run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor.

The Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor will determine if your current computer configuration will be compatible with Windows 7, for further information as well as a link for download please go here:

Another resource to verify compatibility is available at the Microsoft Windows 7 Compatibility Center located at the following link:

For more information on the Windows 7 Upgrade, please go here:

When migrating from Windows Vista to Windows 7 you will have the option to select “custom” or “upgrade” install when prompted. By selecting the “upgrade” option, your documents and applications will follow and carry over through the install process. If you select, “custom” however you will be able to perform a clean install and all applications will have to be reinstalled manually – documents will be moved to a folder entitled “windows.old”.

For additional assistance with the migration of Windows Vista to Windows 7, Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You are welcome to check the threads there and receive additional assistance and feedback.

Microsoft Windows Client Team