Windows 7 PASSWORD ??????????

All of a sudden our FIRST computer, for our rookie team, started asking for a Window’s password. Which we did not set up and now can’t get passed it. Any suggestions? Please advise.


DO you have more than one account set up on the computer? Is it locked out of all the accounts?

Odds are some one on your team set the password and didn’t tell peoeple, I would ask around.

Assuming you’re authorized to do so, try this. (With boot access to a Windows PC, the local account passwords are trivially overcome. This won’t work quite so effectively if you rely on networked resources, because domain accounts are protected on the server.)

Easy. Boot into safe mode (f11 or f6 or one of those while booting) and run cmd and log on to Administrator. Then do:
net user Driver *
[press enter]
[press enter]

You might need to run cmd as administrator (right click and do “Run as Administrator”) but probably not.
Now there is no password on that account. You can also replace Driver with Developer if you need to change that one too.

I’ve actually put a local back door on my family’s computers just in case they screw something up. Don’t worry, it’s password protected :wink:


Do not do this, follow one of the above suggested results please!

if you are enter wrong password when you attempt to log on, window will display a message that the password is incorrect click “ok” to choose the message box step 2- click " reset window password " , and then insert window password reset disk (or other removable media) step3- follow the step in the "password reset wizard " to create a new password. step 4- log on with the new password.