Windows 7 Starter

What steps to get done to transform non-classmate windows 7 starter minibook into classmate (which has two users: driver station and developer) . I ve done these works on other laptops which were XP but I cant do that on windows 7 starter because it gives tons of errors.

Can I just set up XP and then get it done?

Can we use any other minibook which was not distributed by FIRST during the competition?

Thanks in advance…

My best bet would to put xp on it, go into admin make a developer accounter with admin rights, go into developer and then make a driver account with admin rights then delete admin.

You can use any mini-book or laptop for competition. It doesn’t have to be from FIRST.

You only need to:

  • Add the “Driver” user account for competition
  • Install the LabVIEW Tools from the DVD
  • Install the Utilities Update
  • Install the Driver Station Update
    So Windows 7 Starter won’t let you create a second user account?
    I don’t have any experience with Windows 7 Starter, but someone here can probably help if you tell us the steps you took, and give us the first couple of error messages you got.

Nothing wrong with switching to XP as long as you have an extra license around.
You will have to locate the matching hardware drivers for that model minibook for a different OS to work properly.

I would not suggest using Windows 7 Starter. We had trouble with it, and that is the reason we put Windows 7 Pro on the classmates.

If you are just using the PC for the driver station win 7 starter is fine. There is a fix for the install errors on the NI website. Google - installing NI on windows 7 starter. It is an easy fix , small edit to the setup.ini files. If you are installing a package that will install several apps at once you have to edit sevearal .ini files not just the first one.

Now I ve solved the installation problem but I cant direct Driver Station to the Driver account I ve created.

Now I am thinking of to set up XP.

Thanks for your help.

I dealt with installation issues on Windows 7 Starter
with the instructions on

but the problem is I cant direct driver station into a user.

I have followed the steps on

But I dont still have the driver station in a separate account. How can I have a seperate driver station account on windows 7 starter?

Can I keep the classmate with me after we ship the robot and just set the trial version of XP on my classmate when 20 days left to the competition?

This seems to be the only way for me after I ve learned that license costs over 50 dolars.