Windows 8 limited connection

tried to connect to bridge with new laptop and connection says we have limited connectivity. We can’t download code wirelessly using java or connect to the driver station (get the red robot connection light). IS there something specific to do with windows 8? please help!!!

The limited connectivity is a separate issue from the robot code, and is perfectly normal. All it means is that it’s expecting a connection to the internet but can’t find one (and shouldn’t).

Make sure you check

  1. That the router is configured correctly
  2. That the cRIO has the correct IP address
  3. That the laptop networking settings are configured correctly
  4. That the Windows Firewall is disabled

If you haven’t seen these, make sure you follow the instructions correctly:

Windows 8 shouldn’t be the problem, but if you’ve done all of this to no avail, try disabling the firewall.